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Stopping Out For Just One Semester

Sure, we all need to take a breather sometimes. Juggling your class work and everything else in your life can be challenging. But stopping out for just one semester is like taking an “incomplete” for a course ─ the longer you wait, the harder it can be to get back to work and finish your program.

  • Understand the costs of stopping out
    You’ll be delaying your opportunity to get the job you want, earn money, and start repaying your school loans.
  • Stopping out can lead to dropping out
    Many students who drop out of school and don’t return thought that they were stopping for only one semester. Don’t get caught in that trap.
  • Don’t assume that things will be easier tomorrow
    Some challenges are more likely to get better over time than others. Try to determine which ones will change and which ones won’t.
  • Start planning to return before you leave
    If you need to stop out, develop a plan to help you return as soon as possible.

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