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Your Academic Journey

Should You Change Majors?

Deciding whether or not to change academic majors can be difficult. You may have always dreamed of a specific career and then realized it’s not really what you want to do. That is normal. It happens … a lot. About half of all students change their majors at some point.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • It may take you longer to graduate. Time is money and changing majors could mean another semester of fees and living expenses. Plus, the extra time in school delays the start of your career and associated earnings and savings.
  • Some of the coursework that you have completed may not count towards your new major. This also impacts the cost of your overall degree as you still have to pay for those classes.
  • Financial aid has both time and dollar limits. You could run out of money before graduation because of grant limits and loan availability.

Again, it’s OK to change majors. The earlier you decide, the better. If you change majors as a sophomore, you may still be able to graduate on schedule. Changing majors as a senior will likely put you behind.

If you’re unsure about the major that is the best fit for you, try a “skill finder” aptitude survey. There are several options available on the internet that can offer career suggestions that match your interest.

Also, if you’re thinking about changing majors, talk with an academic advisor.

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