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Things to Consider Before Dropping a Class

At some point in your college journey, you’ll likely be faced with the decision of dropping a class or not. Most students experience this … sometimes more than once. There are a few good reasons to drop a class, like protecting your GPA or focusing more time on other courses. But before you do, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Your professor can help.
    Talk to them and explain your situation. They can usually give you an indication of your current grade and your chances of success in the class. If the grade poses a significant hit to your GPA, dropping the class may be the best option.
  • Taking fewer hours could change your status as a full-time student.
    Some financial aid and scholarships depend on how many hours you take. If you’re using financial aid, speak with someone in the financial aid office before you drop a class.
  • If the class is required for your degree, you’ll eventually have to take it.
    Perhaps later your course schedule could be adjusted to accommodate a more demanding class. But make sure the class is offered at a time that aligns with your timeline and won’t delay your gradation date. You don’t want to drop a class and find out later that it is only offered once each year, forcing you to stay in school an extra semester.
  • Your college will have certain dates by which classes can be dropped.
    Usually, the further you are into the semester, the less your refund will be when you drop a class.

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