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Your Academic Journey

Take Advantage of Academic Advising

Academic advisors are a great resource. They will help you make the most of your college experience. Your academic advisor can assist you in selecting your class schedule, advise you on internships and research opportunities, and help you stay on track to graduation.

  • Plan ahead
    Not all classes are offered every semester. Work with your advisor to create a degree roadmap to minimize future scheduling problems. The best time to meet with your advisor is near the end of each semester so you can discuss your next semester schedule. However, there’s never a wrong time to meet with your academic advisor.
  • Ask for help
    It is your responsibility to initiate contact with your advisor. Academic advisors work with many students, so they’re not likely to seek you out to discuss your academic progress. If you’re having trouble in class, your advisor can help you find free tutoring or other support services. Reaching out shows that you are invested in your education. Be sure to schedule an appointment and not just drop by.
  • Know the deadlines
    Each semester there are important dates that you’ll need to know. These include the last day to request pass/fail status, drop a class, and register for classes. College websites and course catalogs will contain this information. If you’re not sure, your advisor can help too.
  • Get coached up
    Your college degree prepares you for your career of choice. And, academic advisors can also help you get the most from your school as you prepare for life after college. Get your advisor’s input on the skills and experience that are required for your ideal career. Academic advisors are great career coaches!
  • Earn a reference
    By working with your advisor throughout your college career, you’ll form an active relationship that can be helpful when you need references for graduate school or a job. Advisors are there to help you succeed.

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