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Making the Grade

Tips for New Students

  • Look for cheap textbooks
    You don’t have to buy brand new textbooks for every class. College bookstores will offer used books and there are online textbook search engines that let you buy, rent, or sell textbooks at a discount. Just make sure you buy the edition your professor specifies. Also, you can download most classic literature for free from Project Gutenberg.
  • Don’t skip class
    You really need to go to class. Seriously. After all, you’re paying for the class and the instructor’s time. Why would you not want to make the most of your investment? College will likely be much harder than high school. Skipping class (even if you are tired) can lead to quickly falling behind. You’re at college to learn. Don’t miss out.
  • Ask for help
    If you’re feeling miserable, something is wrong. Whether you’re stressed, depressed, anxious, or queasy, you can get help. Reach out to a friend, mentor, or advisor. Feeling sick? Go to the school’s student health center.
  • Get a good night’s sleep
    Many college students think that all-night study sessions are the way to go. But lack of sleep is associated with lower academic performance and physical and emotional health risks. This means that you could feel more anxious, gain weight, and be more susceptible to sickness. A good night’s rest is more beneficial for learning than staying up late and cramming. Establish a nightly routine to wind down and prepare your body for rest.

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