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Making the Grade

Five Skills You’ll Need in College

You’re a college student now. This may be the first time you’ve lived away from home and had complete freedom to do what you want. Use caution. The goal is to earn your degree and graduate. Abusing the independence and ignoring your responsibilities will have harsh consequences. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Actually by prioritizing and staying on top of your commitments, you’ll have time for plenty of fun. Consider these five tips that can help you thrive in college.

  1. Manage your time
    There is only so much time in each day. If you want to do well in college, you’ll need to be disciplined with your time. Think of it as a precious resource and manage it carefully. Go to class. Work ahead on large projects and research papers. Read and study every day. Don’t procrastinate. By making time for your studies, you’ll be better prepared for your exams and have more time for social activities, without feeling guilty about not studying.
  2. Don’t stress out
    OK, stress happens to everyone. Do the best you can to limit stress. When you feel stressed, have a plan for dealing with it. Exercise, yoga, sleep, and meditation are great ways to reduce stress. They put your mind at ease and return your body and brain to a calmer state.
  3. Stick to a budget
    As a college student, live like a college student. Put off unnecessary luxuries and purchases until later. Now is not the time to rack up debt for a new flat screen and surround sound speakers. Stick to a spending plan that keeps you from going over budget. For more tips, see Managing Your Money.
  4. Become a critical thinker
    No, this does not mean you need to be a critic. College students are expected to think for themselves and use judgement to trace the logic of an argument, evaluate its conclusions, and solve problems rationally. Being able to think critically through decisions and situations will help you in college and career. Professors and employers value critical thinking skills.
  5. Take care of yourself 
    Things move pretty fast on a college campus and it’s easy to skip meals. Don’t do it. Eat nutritious food every day. And prioritize your rest. You’ll feel better and handle your workload more effectively.

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