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Preparing for College


Simple Tips to Master Homework

Mastering study and homework habits in high school is a great way to prepare for college. Strategy and discipline can have a positive impact on your grades now, and improve your success at the college level.

The secret is to develop a system that works for you and stick to it. You can use a number of tools, such as file folders, note books, calendar tools, and digital notes programs. Many students mix and match.

  • Make it easy to know what’s what
    Use colors, keyword tags, and separate tasks or note files to keep things organized
  • Link scheduling tools with tasks or note files
    Stay on top of assignments and due dates
  • Be disciplined
    Have a schedule and stick to it
  • Take brain breaks
    Mix in short periods of movement and exercise to stay sharp and focused
  • Divide and conquer
    Break large or long assignments into smaller sections
  • Make it a duo or a trio
    Study with friends or classmates to share ideas
  • Stay connected to your resources
    Ask a teacher or other trusted advisor for support with challenging assignments

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