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Helping Your Child Succeed in College

Staying Safe at College

One of the biggest college concerns for parents is the safety and well-being of their child. This starts on day one and doesn’t stop … even during the college years. With a common sense approach and a little planning, your child will be in the best possible position to remain safe away from home.

  • Hang out with the right crowd
    Chances are your child has heard this before. It doesn’t stop during college. Encourage good friends with similar values and interests. Good friends will look out for each other.
  • Nothing good happens after midnight
    Now that your child is away at college, their curfew is gone. Colleges are active places at all hours. Some college libraries are open 24/7. Of course, the library is not the only place that students hang out late at night. Again, this is part of growing up. Encourage your child to stay in touch with their friends so they know where each other is. Remind them to call if they ever need help.
  • Safety in numbers
    Students walking the campus late at night should travel with a friend. College campuses are typically very safe and will have many lights and emergency phones, but a walking companion is best. Have your child get in the habit of texting their roommate when they leave a location to return to their room. If they can’t reach a friend, campus security may be available. Some campuses have security to escort students at night.
  • Have a life line
    If something happens to your child and they need help, make sure they know who to call. University police are available at all hours. Many colleges also have a student health center should your child become sick or injured. And, again, roommates and good friends can be a great resource too.

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