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Helping Your Child Succeed in College

Making the Grade

It’s a huge accomplishment for your child to be accepted into college. The entire family should be proud. But once your child starts college, they must work hard. Diplomas are not given out … they are earned. Supporting your child’s academic progress is part of parenting, even in the college years.

  • Encourage great study habits
    Some students don’t have to study very hard in high school, but college will push even the brightest students. Encourage your child to prioritize studying and maximize their time each day. College is full of distractions, and it’s important to set aside time for reading and studying. Students should not try to cram before test time. Treat school like a job and study some every day.
  • Meet with an academic advisor
    Just like in high school, there is a person who can help your child select the right courses and stay on track to graduate. Instead of a counselor, they’re usually called academic advisors. Your child will want to schedule time with an advisor each semester before enrolling in classes. Academic advisors are a great resource to help your child.
  • Allow for life balance
    It’s tempting to push academics all the time, but there is more to the college years than going to class. Encourage your child to get involved with campus-based activities. They’ll meet new people and make great connections that will help them throughout their life. Once they graduate, graduate schools or future employers will want to know what they did besides make good grades.
  • Talk to them
    Have your student tell you about what they’re learning and who they are meeting. Stay engaged in their studies and their social life. Your child will appreciate that you have an interest.

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