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Helping Your Child Succeed in College

Leaving Home

After living under their parent’s roof for 18 years, most students are ready to move out and be “free.” But it doesn’t take long for them to start missing all that Mom or Dad have done for them over the years. A home-cooked meal and some clean clothes start sounding pretty good after a week away from home. Helping your student successfully transition from home to college can be a simultaneous exercise in patience, compassion, and tough love. Here are a few ways you can help your child.

  • Stay involved
    Gone are the days where you could recap your child’s day at school around the dinner table. Now most conversations will happen via text and social media. That’s ok. What’s important is that you continue to support your child while giving them space to grow.
  • Don’t let them come home
    This may sound mean, but it’s for the best. Persuade your child to spend the first few weekends of each new semester on campus. This could be difficult for both the parent and student, but it will help your child settle into campus life and meet new friends.
  • Send a surprise
    With your child away at college, make time to send a card or care package. Include their favorite treat or something homemade. It’s a fun way to help your child feel supported and understand how proud you are that they are turning their dream into a reality.
  • Don’t hover
    Most parents have a hard time letting go. It’s difficult to let your child leave home and venture out into the world. But it’s all part of growing up. They’ll need to learn to deal with difficult situations. Mom or Dad can’t always be there to clean up a mess. If your child is having roommate issues or is struggling in a class, they’ll need to learn to handle some things on their own. Problem-solving is a life skill best learned, not taught.

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