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Preparing for College


College Entrance Exam Tips

College entrance exams aren’t everything, but they are an important component of your application. Many schools have minimum test score requirements.

Your high school counselor can help you determine which test you need to take (SAT or ACT) based on the colleges you are interested in attending. In addition, they can provide you with dates, times, and locations for test study groups. It’s also good to begin studying on your own.

  • Start preparing in advance (don’t cram)
    Schedule your study periods over days and weeks. Also, limit your study periods to about an hour each, with a 20-minute walk or some other movement in between.
  • Vary where you study
    According to research, changes in location turn on your perceptions, making your brain more receptive to new data.
  • Try different learning strategies
    Take practice tests. Break up information into smaller bits so you can retain them more easily. Create flash cards and have a friend quiz you on the information.
  • Get plenty of sleep
    Studies show a lack of sleep makes it harder to concentrate. Eat a good breakfast. Wear comfortable clothing.

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