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Preparing for College


Do More Than the Minimum

Hundreds and often thousands of students apply to a specific college each semester. It’s important to distinguish yourself among them. One way is to consistently go beyond meeting minimum requirements. This shows the Admissions department that you are serious about your commitment to your education and attaining your certificate or degree.

Here are a few tips:

  • Take a variety of classes
    Go beyond core requirements. Take classes that also match your interests.
  • Stretch your mind
    The more classwork challenges you now, the more prepared you’ll be in college.
  • Start building your skills
    Talk to trusted advisors about what it takes to succeed after college.
  • Know what it takes to get accepted
    College admissions requirements can vary; early preparation pays off.
  • Work ahead with dual-credit courses
    You can shorten the time to your certificate or degree, and also lower the cost.

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