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Preparing for College

Is College for Me?

Is college worth it? College requires hard work and commitment, but it’s an investment that pays off throughout your life. A college education helps you earn a better salary, have stronger job opportunities, and support those around you the way you want.

  • Job and career opportunities
    A college education prepares you for work and can open doors to better jobs and career advancement.
  • Work stability
    People with college educations are better prepared for job changes and are more likely to find re-employment faster.
  • Higher income
    Having a bachelor’s degree can mean as much as $20,000 more in yearly salary over a high school diploma.
  • Better heath
    People with college educations tend to lead healthier lives and have better access to medical care.
  • Plan for the future
    All of the above means a college education helps you earn more and plan your future (house, car, marriage, children) with more certainty.

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