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Skills for Any Resume

Add skills to your resume that grab an employer's attention

For any skill you include in your resume, it's a plus if you can mention results. For instance, "great problem-solving skills" is not as good as "identified new ordering process that significantly reduced delivery times." Here's a short list of generic skills that you can add to your resume and then illustrate with successes from your career.

  • Negotiation and consensus-building — If you work at a company that has more than one employee, you need good interaction skills, including the ability to negotiate issues and build consensus. Having good interaction skills means you can share your ideas, gain the trust of others, and resolve potential issues.
  • Analytical skills — When problems do arise, having the ability to understand them — to break down issues to their components — is essential. Individuals with the ability to develop solutions and make effective business decisions are great candidates for leadership roles.
  • Planning and organization — Most organizations rely on employees with strong skills in their chosen profession. But it's also essential to have workers who can prioritize workloads and attack deadlines in a systematic way. Highlight how you've done this by listing important projects and describing your game plan to meet budgets and timelines.

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