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Starting Your Career

Building a Resume

Four Resume Don’ts

Your resume provides that all-important first impression. One misspelled word will show a lack of attention and can decrease your chances for getting an interview. Watch out for these common mistakes.

  1. Poor spelling/grammar
    Don’t depend just on your computer’s spell-checker. Have someone else read your resume. Spelling and grammar mistakes can land your resume in the electronic trash bin.
  2. Overstating your experience
    Your resume is meant to be a tool to sell yourself. Don’t exaggerate your experiences. Exaggerating can set up unreasonable expectations. Although it may get you the interview, it won’t get you through the interview.
  3. Providing too much information
    Don’t crowd your resume. A resume choking with words is like someone who can’t stop talking. Give your reader room to breathe. Add white space and convert sentences to bullets when possible.
  4. Being too generic
    When it comes to describing yourself and how you’re a good fit for a job, be specific. For example, if you’re applying at a high-volume restaurant, “customer service experience” is not as good as “managed the rush after home games.”

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