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College Life

Campus Life / Clubs / Activities

A college education starts in the classroom, but it doesn’t end there. Organizations, clubs, and extracurricular activities can enrich and broaden your college experience, giving you more ways to learn subjects and develop skills that you can use throughout college and after you graduate.

  • See what’s out there
    Campuses can be a big place where not every club or activity is visible to all students. Make sure you’re aware of all the resources available, including groups outside your department or area of studies. Your school’s student center and website are good starting points.
  • Meet, greet, and network
    The friendships and connections you make in school can last a lifetime, helping you in your personal dealings and professional careers. Your life on social media can be a great way to support your life on campus and stay in touch with new friends and associates. Student success experts advise that if it’s manageable, try to join at least one career-related organization and one non-career organization that aligns with your personal interests.
  • Stretch yourself
    Some students enjoy clubs and group activities, but others don’t ─ and that’s okay. Look at all the options, even those that might be a bit of a stretch for you. Remember, it’s part of any education to learn and do new things.

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