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Should You Work Part-Time While in School?2017-09-14T10:52:16-05:00

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Should You Work Part-Time While You’re in School?

This question actually comes in two parts: should you work while going to school and, if so, for how many hours per week? Working even a few hours each week has obvious financial benefits and time costs. What’s right for you depends on several factors.

  • Make sure you can juggle both
    Working and going to school at the same time can be a challenge. Some students find that just meeting their academic requirements is a full-time job. Others have been working and going to school for years, so they know they can do both without getting burned out.
  • Keep your work schedule to 15 hours per week
    Studies show that most students can handle about 15 hours of work each week. Beyond that, fatigue can set in and affect their academic performance. If you find a part-time job during the academic year, try to keep your work hours to this limit.
  • Look at your school’s work-study programs
    Many colleges offer a variety of part-time jobs designed for students like you, both on campus and off campus. These can include federal work-study, on-campus student employment, or career-based part-time jobs. On-campus jobs are often ideal in offering the hours and flexibility needed to accommodate study schedules. Contact Career Services or the equivalent office on your campus for information about campus jobs.

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