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Preparing Your Child for College

Getting Started

Planning for college can be an overwhelming process. There are resources everywhere! One of the hardest parts may be figuring out which resources you can trust. To help get you started, we’ve listed a few places to look for FREE help.

Your child’s high school likely has a counselor who can help you. High school counselors have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to college entrance exams, college applications, and preparing students for college.

The internet is a great resource for college planning. Just be careful to use websites that are reputable and focused on the student’s well-being. Information about college planning and preparation is FREE. If they want you to pay, look somewhere else. Here are some great resources:

These events can provide great opportunities to ask questions and get information from college representatives. Schools, businesses, and other organizations in your community will host these … typically for free. While there, if someone tries to sell you a scholarship service, politely decline. You DO NOT have to pay for this!

Even if your child will be the first person in your family to go to college, asking other people for information is still one of the best ways to get a good understanding about college. Visit with students and adults to hear more about what it’s like to go to college. You can speak with people in your neighborhood, at church, at work, or visit with other parents at your child’s school activities.

Not sure what to ask about college? Here are several questions to get you started.

Planning for college:

  • Do you have information for colleges in the area?
  • What grades do different colleges require? What about SAT/ACT scores?
  • Do you know when and where we could attend a college fair?
  • Does my child have all the required courses to apply for college?

Applying to college:

  • Once my child knows the college they want to attend, how do they get in?
  • Do you have the forms that we will need to apply for college? For financial aid?
  • What is the application like? What kind of essays are required?
  • How many colleges should my child apply to?
  • If we need a letter of recommendation from the school, do you know who we should speak with?
  • What happens after the application is submitted?

College entrance exams:

  • What are the required college prep tests?
  • When are these tests scheduled?
  • Where should my child take the test?
  • How should my child sign up?
  • Is there a cost?
  • Can the fee be waved?
  • Do you know of any free tutorials for SAT/ACT preparation?

Paying for college:

  • Can you help my child complete the FAFSA?
  • Are there any scholarships that my child should apply for?
  • What is the application process?

Choosing a college:

  • What colleges do students from this school typically attend?
  • Can you put me in touch with other college students or their parents?
  • What can you tell me about college life?
  • What is the campus culture like?

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