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Preparing Your Child for College

Applying to College

When it comes to college applications, the student has the most work to do. But parents can help too. Here are just a few ways you can make a difference for your child.

  • Get organized
    The college application process can be complex when you’ve never done it before. Take some time to talk with your child and their high school counselor. Make a plan and organize your information.
  • Set a family schedule
    When applications are involved, you can be sure there are deadlines. The earlier your child completes their applications, the better. But that’s not all. There are test dates and dates for financial aid and housing. Bottom line, it’s good to build a calendar and help your child manage their time.
  • Don’t pay for it
    There are many individuals and organizations who will offer their services to help you with applications for college, financial aid, and even scholarships. Don’t do it! You can get FREE assistance by attending a financial aid workshop or by asking your high school counselor for help.
  • Be available
    Your student will need your help. In fact, there are sections of the FAFSA, the financial aid application used by all colleges, that must be completed with parental information.

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