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Enrolling in College

Pre-Enrollment & Enrollment

New Student Orientation

New student orientation covers a lot of important information to help you get ready for the first day of classes. It also may be a chance to meet your academic advisor, and visit various offices (housing, financial aid, registrar) to take care of any remaining items.

In addition, many colleges also allow incoming students to pre-register for classes, which can help you get a head start on your degree requirements, especially with classes that are in high demand.

  • Academics and finance
    Take care of any outstanding items and meet your academic advisor.
  • Housing and transportation
    If you’re living on campus, you can tour the dorms and possibly meet your roommate. If you’re living off campus, you can finalize your agreements and begin setting up utilities, cable, and other services.
  • Permits and passes 
    If you haven’t done so already, plan to purchase what you need for the upcoming semester, including meal passes, parking permits (if you will have a car), and sports passes.
  • Meet other incoming students
    This is an ideal opportunity to meet other incoming students and begin to form relationships.
  • Clubs and associations
    Many clubs and associations offer ways to meet new people, further your interests and skills, and volunteer.
  • Life on campus
    This is another opportunity to experience life on campus and understand campus rules and guidelines prior to starting classes. Campus tours and student ambassadors are helpful for learning your way around.

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