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Enrolling in College

Pre-Enrollment & Enrollment

Initial Costs

Regardless of your financial aid package, there is typically a time gap between when you need to pay some of your semester expenses and the release of financial aid/loans. Depending on your specific arrangements, it can easily range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars that you will need to have available until your financial aid is released to you.

Knowing up front what you owe and when can help you be better prepared. Paying for on-campus expenses such as housing, meals, tuition, and general student fees can often be done through an installment plan. Paying off-campus expenses can be different, so it’s best to know the payment amount and schedule in advance.

Typical upfront costs include:

  • Move-in costs
    This can be on campus or off-campus housing (including deposits, utilities, and other amenities such as internet/cable).
  • Registration costs
    This can be any fees the school requires when you initially register for classes.
  • Semester student fees
    These are general student access fees for things like gym or library access.
  • Student tickets and passes
    These can include dining hall/meal tickets, parking passes, and event passes for sports and/or fine arts.
  • Books and supplies
    Be sure to check the course syllabus and purchase/rent only what you need. Most bookstores offer online ordering.
  • First semester tuition
    Many costs need to be paid to your college before the semester begins. However, installment plans may be available. These allow you to pay in smaller amounts throughout the semester.

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