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Enrolling in College

Pre-Enrollment & Enrollment

Academic Advising / Your First Schedule

In most cases, you will be assigned an academic advisor before or during new student orientation. Your academic advisor is familiar with your degree program requirements. They are different from your high school counselor. Your advisor will help you set your schedule, but you are in the driver’s seat.

Your academic advisor works with many students and can provide advice on the number of classes to take, especially during your first couple of semesters. They can also give you tips on ways to be successful and point you to resources such as study groups and tutors. Some advising offices are also great places for information about career internships.

  • Class load
    Many degree programs require that you take 15 hours a semester to graduate on time. It’s important to start taking this hours in your first semester. If you’re worried about difficulty, it’s important to think about mixing courses that have varying levels of difficulty.
  • Insights into degree program
    Academic advisors share information about your degree program, including what order to take classes, and how long it typically takes to complete the curriculum.
  • Success tips
    Academic advisors share tips and advice based on students that have been successful in your degree program. They can also answer questions about specific program GPA requirements and recommend course electives based on your specific area of study within the program.

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