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What is College Like?

Hear from students about campus life

To many prospective students, freshman year can seem exciting and intimidating all at once. After all, you're moving away from home, perhaps for the first time, and managing many aspects of your life without your parents' help. Wonder how other students did it? Read these short student interviews. You'll get insight on lots of issues, including deciding on a major, managing a school-life balance, meeting people, and much else.

Bryan — Computer Science Major, New York
"I'd say for a typical day of class, I spend about three to four hours studying."

Vanessa — Public Relations Major, Fort Worth, Texas
"Balance is key. A student needs to attend class, eat healthy, work out, sleep, relax and have fun."

Robert — Finance and Accounting Major, Hong Kong, China
"I live on campus and enjoy the flexibility and freedom that college life offers."

Michelle — Journalism and Communications Major, Zurich, Switzerland
"At the college level, good time management is crucial."

Sandra — Computer Science Major, Brentwood, California
"I am not your traditional student. I decided to go back to college to enable a career change."

Adrianna — Applied Sociology, Byers, Texas
"From day one, every teacher would tell me, 'the harder you study in the beginning, the better the student you are in the end.'"

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