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Preparing for College

Degree and College Choices

How to Compare Colleges

Colleges differ in several ways. Follow the steps below to explore and compare schools. Be thorough in your search. Being methodical now means you’re more likely to find a strong match and succeed at the institution you select.

    1. Think about what you want out of college
      Location, size, strong academic programs in your field of study, social climate, housing and food, admissions policies, out of class activities, and cost all play an important role your college experience and success.
    2. Research your options
      Browse websites, request materials from schools on your list, talk with your high school counselor or trusted advisor, visit college fairs, talk with friends, use online college guides for rankings (Peterson’s, The Princeton Review, U.S. News and World Report).
    3. Do an apples-to-apples comparison to narrow your choices
      Evaluate the differences that are important to you (location, size, academic programs, admissions policies, student-to-faculty ratio, housing, etc.).
    4. See them up close
      A campus visit gives you a world of information you might not get otherwise, including how to navigate campus, where dorms are, what student services are available, and what college life is like.
    5. Apply to several to increase your odds
      Apply to more than one school. If the colleges you want to attend offer application fee waivers, apply to at least three or more. That way you increase the odds of getting accepted by at least one school you like.

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