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Preparing for College

College Advising Worksheet

College-Ready Steps

Writing Your College-Ready Plan

It all starts with a good plan. Try this College Advising 101 worksheet.  It’s designed to help you get “college-ready,” that is, ready to earn the credits you need, understand your school’s financial aid policies, and adjust to campus life more smoothly.

Complete this worksheet to get:

  • Academic-ready
    Explore your interests, consider the degree or certificate you need, and establish steps to earn it.
  • Financial-aid-ready
    Learn about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), understand your school’s financial aid policy, and track important dates in the awarding process.
  • College-life-ready
    Find out what your school’s community is like and consider campus resources that can help you.

A Spanish version of the College Advising worksheet is also available.

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