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Applying to and Choosing a College

What to Expect

Once you submit your applications, you will likely receive promotional materials from those schools right away. This doesn’t mean you are accepted. It simply means they know you’re interested.

Timelines vary, but you should hear back on your application status within a couple weeks to a few months for larger schools (if you are wait listed).

  • Acceptance letter
    Can arrive in a standard envelope with multiple pages, or a large flat envelope.
  • Non-acceptance letter
    Typically arrives in a standard envelope with one or two pages. Most colleges will indicate why you were not accepted for enrollment in the upcoming semester.
  • Next steps
    If you have been accepted, highlight the next steps and deadlines in your letter and add them to your college prep calendar. This will allow you to monitor the deadlines while you wait for other colleges to respond. Then you can choose the college that fits you best. If you are not accepted, explore what’s required to improve your chances for future acceptance if it is a college you really want to attend.

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