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Resume FAQs

Review this list before you write up your resume

Q.: What should go into a resume?

A.: Your resume serves as a guide to your personality, goals, skill sets, and experience. As such, your resume should include:

  • A short resume profile, which describes how your main qualifications match the job for which you are applying
  • A list of your accomplishments, using active verbs and emphasizing results
  • Volunteer work and affiliations with clubs and service organizations
  • Work history that includes relevant internships
  • Educational background
  • A statement on references

Q.: Does my resume have to be one page?

A.: It's best in most cases, but it's not the most important issue. Focus instead on making sure your resume reflects all of the important components (employment history and experience, skill sets, etc.).

Q.: Is it necessary that I have an objective?

A.: For years, this was considered a standard part of the resume. However, that's changing. You can convey the same information in a more targeted way by including a resume profile, that is, a statement matching your qualifications to the job.

Q: Do I need to have several different resumes to reflect different fields I might want to go into?

A.: Yes, create a generic resume that you customize for different jobs. The more you can customize your resume, the better. This will increase the likelihood your resume grabs attention.

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