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Starting Your Career

Creating a Cover Letter

Anatomy of a Good Cover Letter

Here are four things to include in your letter:

  1. Meet and greet (first paragraph)
    Concisely state that you would like to apply for the job (include the specific job title). At a high level, note your qualifications. Be sure to use language that signals you pay attention to details, conveys professionalism, and demonstrates your writing skills.
  2. Skills and experience profile (second and third paragraphs)
    Provide a short overview of your skills and expertise, and highlight accomplishments will grab the employer’s attention.
  3. Reason to interview (fourth paragraph)
    Express how your capabilities could make a difference for the company. Show you’ve done your research about the company and thought about how your skills are a strong match for the job. In short, give this company a reason to call you for an interview.
  4. Promise to follow up (last paragraph)
    Thank the company for reviewing your resume and promise to follow up.

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