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Should I Go to Grad School?

Is Grad School For Me?

Here are three important questions to consider:

  1. Does your career require a graduate degree?
    If you want to be a doctor, lawyer, or professor, you’ll obviously need an advanced degree. But that’s not all. Many healthcare, social work, or counseling jobs will want you to have an advanced degree. The requirements vary by state … research the requirements for where you live. Better yet … talk to someone working in the profession and get their advice.
  2. Do I need a grad degree for a promotion?
    While a bachelor’s degree is all you need to start working in most professions, a master’s can improve your chances of being promoted and earning more money. In some fields, such as education, a graduate degree may even be required for advancement.
  3. Can you afford it?
    Grad school is expensive. Before making the investment, research the pay off. Will it help you make more money or attain the job you want? Also, some graduate programs offer funding through fellowships, assistantships, or research grants. Find out if you qualify. If you’re already working or want to put off grad school until later, many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs. One other option is online degree programs, which can be less expensive.

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