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Continue Your Education

Are There Other Options?

Take More Classes

If you just graduated, signing up for more classroom work may sound awful. But if you need to brush up your skills in a specific area or you want to learn more about a field that is different from what you majored in, you’ll need to do something. Continuing your education can take several forms, many outside the classroom.

Continuing to develop yourself should be a life-long pursuit. Besides learning new things, it helps you build your resume. There are many ways to enhance your skills, and they don’t have to break the bank. Consider these options:

  • Take free online classes
    Many colleges and universities offer online courses that are completely free. Research options in your area of interest. You may be surprised at how many choices you’ll have from some of the world’s top schools. Plus, this could enhance your resume and impress a potential employer.
  • Sign up for a continuing education class
    Many community colleges, universities, and adult learning centers offer continuing education classes on a range of topics. Some are semester-long classes, while others can be wrapped up in a couple of days. Even though the classes could cost a few hundred dollars, they’re typically less expensive than taking a college course.
  • Attend lectures
    Research the options where you live. Many community organizations, churches, libraries, and colleges will host guest lecturers. Sometimes these are free to attend.
  • Go to the library
    Yes, it’s old school, but the library offers a wealth of information and resources. Talk to the librarian. You may be surprised at how many free resources are available at your local library.
  • Read, read, and read some more
    Again, this is not complex. You can learn a lot by reading what experts have to say on a topic. If you are interested in business, there are thousands of books available. The same can be said about technology, medicine, law, and just about any other career field. Or you can read books to enhance your life skills, including leadership, negotiation, communication, and more. Pick the topic that interests you and read away!

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