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Paying for College

Understanding College Costs

How Much Does College Cost?

Tuition and fees can range from $3,500 to more than $33,000 or more per year. Community colleges usually offer the least expensive tuition costs, but many four-year colleges and universities can be very affordable, especially for in-state students.

But tuition is only half the story. Living expenses can also account for as much as $15,000 or more depending on where you live and if you have roommates. Also keep in mind the estimated cost of attendance (COA) can include costs you may not need to pay to the college, such as housing if you live off campus. In that case, you would need to subtract that portion of their on-campus estimate and replace it with your rent costs.

To get a sense of how much your degree or certificate will cost you:

  • Visit the school’s website 
    Research each school you plan to apply to for their estimated COA and what is included.
  • Refer to the table below
    It will provide an estimate based on school type.
Sector Total Tuition, Fees
Room & Board
Two-Year Public
In-district $11,580
Four-Year Public
Four-Year Private
On-campus $45,370
For Profit
On-campus $16,000

Source: Average Published Undergraduate Charges by Sector, 2016-17, College Board

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