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Four Resume Don'ts

Avoid these common errors when drafting your resume

Your resume provides that all-important first impression to a potential employer. Even one mistake, like a misspelled word or missing punctuation, shows a lack of attention and can decrease your chances of receiving an interview. Here are some resume errors to avoid. Keep these tips in mind and you'll be on the right track to landing the interview you want.

  1. Poor spelling/grammar — Don't depend just on your software's spell-checker. Have someone read through your resume and look for incorrect spelling and grammar. Poor spelling and grammar can land your resume in the electronic trash bin.
  2. Overstating your experience — Your resume is meant to be a tool to sell yourself. Don't exaggerate your experiences. Exaggerating can set up unreasonable expectations. Although it may get you the interview, over-statement won't get you through the interview.
  3. Providing too much information — Don't crowd your resume with too much language. A resume choking with words can be the equivalent of someone who can't stop talking. Give your reader room to breathe: Add space to your text and make sentences into scannable bullets as much as possible.
  4. Being too generic — When it comes to describing yourself and how you're a good fit for the position, be specific. For example, if you're applying at a high-volume restaurant, "customer service experience" is not as good as "managed the rush after home games."

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