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Four Ways to Maintain Your Skills

Strengthen your skills and you'll grow in your job

Jobs evolve constantly in today's high-tech world. To stay relevant and grow in your career, you'll want to regularly update your skills. Having sharp professional skills will put you in a better position to move up the career ladder or even change careers. It can also renew and expand your interest in a given field. Here are some ways to promote career-long learning.

Take a class. An online or in-person class can reawaken your career interests. Not only will you leave class with new skills and knowledge, you may find that you've strengthened the once-rusty part of your brain that enjoys learning. Better yet, you could extend that class into a certification or a degree program, further enhancing your marketability.

Read to stay current. Reading can help you to rethink some aspect of your work. You could also start a book discussion, share your knowledge, and gain perspectives and insight from multiple peers. From field-specific professional journals to new books on management and leadership, reading to stay current is a great way to avoid professional stagnation!

Join a professional organization. Become an active member of a trade association and expand your network possibilities as well as learn something more about your field.

Talk to your boss. Most companies have a training budget and expect their professional employees to engage in professional development. Talk to your boss about training that helps you grow your skills, contribute more to the team, and take on more responsibility. Corporate training is a win-win. Your company gets a more motivated, stronger employee. You improve your skills so that you'll be more likely to get raises and promotions.

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