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“ I am 100% glad that I completed the financial coaching session.”

“She answered all my questions, was friendly, non-judgmental, very knowledgeable, and helped me create a plan to move forward with.”

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Coaching Corner

Tip of the Month

A photo of a young woman taking an exam.

Midterm Checkup

You may be halfway through the semester, which means midterms are approaching. Preparing for midterms doesn’t have to be stressful. Be sure to prepare yourself ahead of time for test day. Remember during midterms or finals week, you will have multiple tests on the same day or week so start studying for them early.

Ask your professor questions. Some examples: What type of exam will it be? Multiple choice, essay, etc., and how many points will the exam be worth?

Create potential exam questions and quiz yourself. You can use flash cards to help you do this. You are feeding your mind a lot of material, so be sure to take breaks!

Think positive thoughts. You may get nervous or have anxiety on test day so staying calm is key. Manage your time wisely and stay focused so you can ace your exams. It will be over before you know it!

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“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”
—Warren Buffet

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