FAFSA Completion Search Tool

Texas Public High Schools

Have you ever wondered how your high school measures up when it comes to the percentage of your graduates who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?

You can use this tool to find your high school's FAFSA submission and completion rates*, and compare those rates to other schools in Texas in your district, county, ESC region, and more. Additionally, you can see the top colleges — ranked by number of attendees — that your graduates attend in the fall following their high school graduation. The FAFSA data are updated every two weeks between January and June, and monthly for the remainder of the calendar year, so check back often.

To start, type your high school's name in the selection box below. As you type, the box, which contains the names of all of the public high schools in the state, will narrow until you can find your high school. Some high schools share the same name, so be sure to select the correct one by city.

Enter High School Name:

Note: If you cannot find your high school, try typing a variation of the high school name. For example, if you type "Bow," the pop-up box will display four schools named "Bowie High School" located in four different cities. If you were looking for James Bowie High School in Simms, you would need to start with "James" in order to find that school.

* FAFSA submissions include all applications submitted by students at the high school. FAFSA completions are submitted applications that were not rejected by the Department of Education's Central Processing System. A minimum of five FAFSA applications are needed for a school to be listed.

For additional information on FAFSA completions in the U.S., please visit StudentAid.gov/FAFSA-HS-Data.