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Looking for a job.

It's an annual frustration for many school counselors: students who might well have benefited from upstream advice appearing to seek last-minute job search help, at the very time that those offices are at their busiest.
In most cases, students get the most benefit by seeking out this type of advice at multiple points along the way, and many do so. For the rest, thankfully, the situation can be mitigated by the large number of excellent online resources available to help students navigate the sometimes-tricky transition from education to career.

TG's Adventures in Education ( provides a range of career-oriented offerings, including a new career tool, as well as resume templates and samples.

Career Choices

AIE's Career Choices tool helps students develop an idea of what professionals might expect to earn based on a number of inputs: the type of work, the levels of expertise, and the employee's location. In this way the student can figure out what a Connecticut kindergarten teacher focused on special education might expect to earn at different points along his or her career path.

By creating realistic career scenarios, the tool helps students think in a more concrete way about what comes after school. Interested in becoming a paralegal in Pine Bluff, Arkansas? A financial manager in San Diego, California? The Career Choices tool can provide that information. The data provided by this career comparison tool is drawn from federal agencies and from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Further, this tool can be used in conjunction with college finance calculators to help students better understand how choice of major and choice of career affect potential earnings, which can inform borrowing decisions. From a holistic perspective, the idea here is to help students make informed choices by understanding how those choices interact to frame the next stage of life.

Additional Career Resources

Besides the tool mentioned above, AIE's Career pages also provide a number of additional resources, including information on similar careers as well as links to informational videos describing what it's like, day-in, day-out, in various professions.

After choosing a career to pursue, there remains the challenge of actually landing a job in that field. To help students find their way through that part of the process, AIE provides additional resources, including:

  • A checklist for job applicants, covering the basic steps from filling out forms to answering questions about salary history
  • A set of tips to help get students prepare for job interviews
  • A whole section on resumes and cover letters, as well as sample resumes and resume templates adapted to different job search scenarios

From the career and salary implications of choosing a major, to the concrete details that help students visualize what life in a chosen career might be like, to the practical steps it will take to bring that work to fruition and get a job offer, AIE's career resources are available to help students plan and take the steps from student to professional.