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Easy Ideas

  • Junior Class Essay Writing
    To help juniors get a jump start on the college application process, provide essay topics for a range of colleges to junior teachers. Some teachers may be willing to set aside a class period so that students can begin rough drafts of college essays. This activity helps juniors to see the virtue of completing their essays over the summer. Teachers may also provide time for peer editing.
  • Senior Testimonials
    Seniors typically become "experts" on the college application process. Ask several seniors to serve on a panel to discuss their college application experience with juniors. This panel may be conducted before school, at lunch, or after school. Some junior teachers might invite panels to come to their classes.
  • Summer Reading Lists
    Provide suggested summer reading lists to all students. Your English department will probably be happy to provide age-appropriate book titles. Enlist the support of parent volunteers or student office assistants to type the lists. Make these lists available at any parent gathering this month, or post the lists in the last parent newsletter.