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How does your high school measure up when it comes to FAFSA completion rates?

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According to the Department of Education, 90 percent of FAFSA completers attend college. Additionally, low-income students who complete the FAFSA increase their chances of enrollment by 235 percent, according to the Central Texas Student Futures Project. A school's FAFSA completion rate can be seen as an indicator of students' postsecondary enrollment and success.

For this reason, TG has created the FAFSA Completion Search Tool, an online resource that allows high school principals and counselors to view their school's FAFSA submission and completion rates. Not only can school staff view their rates, they can also compare those rates to other schools in the district, county, and region. The tool also lists the top 10 colleges where last year's graduates from your school enrolled.

The information from the FAFSA Completion Search Tool can be easily downloaded and saved as a PDF to share with staff and district peers. It can also help principals and counselors evaluate current FAFSA completion objectives, or jumpstart efforts to increase FAFSA completions in the school and district.

For families or school professionals with more questions about the college admissions or financial aid processes, TG also administers the Texas Financial Aid Information Center (1-800-311-8881), a free call center available Monday through Friday. Representatives can help answer questions in English and Spanish.