Counselors Network

Easy Ideas

  • Provide printed college planning materials to your students and their parents.
    AIE offers free bookmarks, posters, and brochures to help students and parents prepare for the transition to higher education.
    Use AIE's Online Ordering system ( to order awareness and financial aid printed materials at no cost to you. By ordering online direct, you can ensure that your office is well-stocked at all times with the items you need to efficiently serve your families and students.
  • Print AIE's financial aid calendar
    AIE offers a helpful financial aid calendar ( that can be downloaded and printed for your students. The calendar keeps students up-to-date with the financial aid and college admissions process.
  • Financial aid help
    Ask a financial aid officer from a local college or university to be available on your campus one day after school for a couple of hours to answer specific questions about the FAFSA. Advertise this assistance to students and parents.
  • Financial aid process publicity
    Visit with the editor or sponsor of your school newspaper and have them write an article about seniors and college financing. If you have a small town or neighborhood newspaper, call and ask them to do the same. These articles raise awareness that students should begin the financial aid process.