Counselors Network


  • Advertise college entrance exam test dates and registration deadlines.
  • Distribute the College Admissions Testing Schedule with SAT and ACT test dates and deadlines to juniors and seniors.
  • Post/advertise scholarships.
  • Continue posting information on the availability and location of the FAFSA. Encourage seniors to file online
  • Continue to promote helpful financial aid phone numbers to seniors and parents. TG's Toll-free Financial Aid Information Center is available at (888) 311-8881 and the federal government's toll-free number is (800) 433-3243 (1-800-4-FED-AID).
  • Consult students who are making course selections for the upcoming school year. Remind juniors that reduced course loads during their senior year are not viewed favorably by colleges.
  • Remember that many students, staff, and parents appreciate your hard work. AIE appreciates your work as well!