Counselors Network

Easy Ideas

  • Host workshops
    Local colleges and universities in your area may also be conducting financial aid workshops for high school counselors.
  • Distribute PSAT and PLAN booklets
    Prior to returning PSAT and PLAN results and booklets to your students, notify your math and English teachers. Encourage them to have students bring their results and booklets to class and review questions that multiple students missed. Students benefit from the teachers' explanations.
  • Review college acceptance letters
    Seniors are now receiving acceptance letters from colleges. Collect copies of the letters and start a bulletin board that lists colleges and the names of accepted students. Students enjoy this and can connect with other students accepted to the same school. A parent volunteer or student office assistant can maintain the board throughout the spring. This is a good way to help students find potential roommates!
  • Invite alumni speakers
    Many of your graduates may come back to visit the campus during the holidays. Solicit volunteers to return the first week in January to speak to senior classes about the college experience. During December, allow teachers to sign up to have speakers in their classes. These graduates will give good, practical advice to the soon-to-be senior graduates!
  • Distribute the AIE Senior Spring Checklist
    Print out and distribute the Senior Spring Checklist ( to students. The checklist will help students prepare for college and keep them up-to-date with the admissions process.