Counselors Network


December 2013

  • Advertise college entrance exam test dates and registration deadlines.
  • Remind seniors to turn in all required college forms needed in December and early January to the appropriate school officials.
  • Remind students that school staff will be unavailable over winter break.
  • Alert parents of seniors who failed a course that is required for graduation.
  • Organize your distribution and interpretation of PLAN and PSAT results to students. A parent/student meeting in January is a great way to distribute the test results and get the juniors organized for spring/summer campus visits and taking the SAT/ACT.
  • Advertise the availability and location of the FAFSA on the Web (
  • Remind senior males that they must register for the Selective Service 30 days before or after their 18th birthday to be eligible to receive government financial assistance for college.
  • Conduct a financial aid night this month or plan a financial aid night in January for senior students and parents. Contact a financial aid officer from a nearby college to make the presentation.
  • Post and advertise scholarships.