Easy Ideas

New student information

Getting to know your new students is an important step in assisting them with their transition to their new environment. During registration, have students complete a New Student Information Form (see the sample) to which you can refer to later. This information can be helpful in matching the student's interests with school clubs, community activities, and other student groups.

New parent orientation

Ask your PTA or parent organizations to conduct (or assist you in conducting) a special program the week before school starts for parents new to the area. Provide your school's bell schedule, dress code policies, and a list of phone numbers for important contacts. Your PTA can develop a list of helpful numbers as well that might include area physicians, dentists, churches, and other resources to help parents make important connections in the new community.

New student "check-in"

Many schools hold new student orientation programs at the beginning of a school year. A vital component of a student's adjustment to a new campus is counselor follow-up sessions. Schedule some "check-in" sessions (these may be done individually or in small groups) every two weeks for the first few months of school. Place the times for these sessions on your calendar now since your days fill up quickly once the year begins. Topics for the sessions can include academic progress, club involvement, community connections, and other issues regarding the adjustment period