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Easy Ideas

  • Spring senior parent transition night
    Ask parents of former students that are now in college to serve on a panel to speak about the transition issues that will be taking place over the next few months. These parents will have good advice for the parents of your current seniors. Prepare a list of questions to give the panelists in advance and they can also add their own ideas. It is a good way to bring closure to the senior year for nervous parents.
  • Junior class "sneak peeks"
    Near the end of the month, drop in on junior classes to remind students of the importance of the last grades of the school year. Encourage students to focus on this final reporting period. With Advanced Placement exams and finals just around the corner, teachers also appreciate your reinforcement. Finally, sign up for the last round of ACT and SAT for the spring.
  • Job posting and community service bulletin board
    Ask a parent or student office assistant to prepare a bulletin board in a highly visible area with job postings that are sent to your office this time of the year. This helps many students find summer jobs. This board can also be a place to post community needs for summer volunteers. Freshmen who are too young to hold jobs can benefit from these community service opportunities.