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TG's Adventures In Education (AIE™) website now features I Am College Ready videos

Do you have students who may be worried about making the adjustment to college life? Do you think they might benefit from hearing the personal stories of college students who faced their own challenges and learned lessons along the way to becoming college ready?

Whether we're talking about overcoming financial obstacles or the need to improve academically, hearing about someone else's experience can be a great way for students to get informed and stay inspired to achieve their own goals.
We invite you to share AIE’s 10 new I Am College Ready videos, located on the Planning for College page.

Perhaps these positive examples of perseverance and achievement will help your students find their own paths to college success. Perhaps they’ll identify with these students, who have faced and overcome significant challenges such as being the first in their family to attend college, or having to find new funding sources after an expected athletic scholarship fell through.

Please direct your students to these short videos so they can see for themselves that obstacles can be overcome and that their college and career dreams are in reach.