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Be ready for your transition to college

College Advising 101 Worksheet

There are a lot of steps involved in making the decision to go to college, from determining which school is right for you to figuring out how to get in the door. While you’re making these moves, however, you could miss a few equally important steps along the way. TG has developed this worksheet to guide you in asking and getting answers to important questions that will ease your transition to college. The more you prepare, the better off you’ll be!

Printing and using this worksheet will help you to be:

  • Academic-Ready – Have you developed your Academic Plan? Do you have any credits you can already apply toward your college program?
  • Financial-Aid-Ready – How can you get the money help you need?
  • College-Life-Ready – How well do you know your college? What can you expect when you begin classes?

Planning well now will pay off in this important phase of your education. Take the steps now to make sure that your transition to college is as smooth as possible!

You can use the online wizard and complete each step online, or download the PDF and fill it out manually.

Download the College Advising 101 Worksheet

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