Get Good Grades

Record and keep track of each grade you receive.

Your grades are one way to demonstrate what you learn. Working to make the best grades possible should become a habit that you continue throughout your educational career.

Keep a record of your grades

Each time you receive a grade in a class, it's a good idea to record it in your planner or on a grade sheet from your teacher.

If you maintain a list of your grades, you can average them at any time to get an idea of where you stand. When you receive a grade on your report card at the end of a marking period, it won't be a surprise to you — or to your parents.

Middle school grades may affect your high school course placement

You may believe that your middle school grades aren't particularly important. But in reality, they are very important.

When you sign-up for your high school courses, your grades are one indicator of how well prepared you are to start high school. Make the most of your time in middle school to ensure that you have options when you schedule your high school courses.

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