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While most students experience obstacles when it comes to paying for college, others encounter additional challenges to enrollment and successful completion of a higher education. Listen to what these students have to say about paying for college and other factors they overcame to become "college ready."

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  • Andrea
    was the first in her family to attend college.
  • Erica
    didn’t receive an expected athletic scholarship.
  • Jessica
    had difficulty during the processes of selecting a college and comparing financial aid award letters.
  • Jessica
    health issues influenced her educational and career choice.
  • Lina
    used her high school counselor as a resource and dealt with a tragedy during her first year in college.
  • Marcos
    had to drop out of college to help his family, but was able to go back to finish his program.
  • Michelle
    had difficulty deciding on a major and becoming active on campus.
  • Tiago
    overcame early mistakes and difficulty functioning on a small campus.
  • Cory
    had to learn good study habits in order to succeed in college.
  • Daniel
    started a new college-going family tradition.
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