A Day in the Life of Josh

Discover how a computer science major from New Braunfels, Texas views daily life on campus.

  1. What is a typical day for you on campus?
    The amount of time spent studying depends on the class entirely. Any science class (biology, chemistry, physics, math) involves hours upon hours of studying. Other classes I can get away without studying. I have been to two universities. At the University of North Texas some entry-level classes were very large with over 250 students and I skipped class a lot. Some classes I skipped over 80% of the time, just because I wasn't missed, and wasn't learning while I was there. I now go to Trinity University, where class size is much smaller (almost every class I have is less that 20). The professor notices when you are gone and it has an impact on your grade. Thus, I have not skipped class very often at Trinity. As for extracurricular activities, I typically run before class. In the evening, there are usually intramural sports, depending on the season, or parties.
  2. What do you do for fun? Do you stay at school and get involved with the recreational activities available on campus or go home over the weekend?
    During the daytime, my free time consists of napping, browsing the Internet, playing video games with people in the hall, or chilling with the roommate doing errands. At night, I go play pool or hang out at a friend's house. There's not much of a city life around my school, which is why I go home on weekends quite often. For two years, I lived really far from home, and now I'm about 30 miles away. Some of my best friends still live in my old town, and there are things to do that are more exciting there than at my school.
  3. That's the biggest difference between life in high school and life in college?
    In high school, there was no point to studying, or taking books home. In college, most of your work is done outside the classroom. I think that and the freedom from being away from your parents are huge.
  4. What's the easiest way to meet people and make friends?
    You walk up, introduce yourself, and start talking. But most people aren't that brave, and usually I'm not either. I meet people in class, or through other people.
  5. How did you decide on a major?
    I have always been interested in computers and engineering. So I started doing computer science, and it has been really easy and fun for me. Plus, it won't take too long to complete.
  6. What were the most helpful classes you took in high school to prepare you for college?
    I was only in high school until my sophomore year. The classes I took in high school did not come even close to preparing me for college.
  7. Is there enough help available if you have trouble with a class?
    Usually I ask other students to help me out. Professors are usually really helpful as well. I have never tried the mentor path.
  8. How did you choose a college or university?
    Money was a crucial factor. I wanted to go to Rice initially. I wasn't accepted. Then I wanted to go to the University of Texas at Austin, which would have cost more than Trinity. My mom made me apply to Trinity, and I ended up going there because of their scholarship and financial aid programs.
  9. Do you live on campus or off campus? What advantages or disadvantages are there to living on or off campus?
    At Trinity, you are expected to live on campus for three years or until your senior year, whichever comes first. The coming year will be the first one living off campus for me. I don't know the differences yet.
  10. If you could go through high school again, what would you do differently?
    I would not participate in band. Participate in clubs.
  11. Do you consider your college lifestyle to be balanced and healthy?
    Usually, yes. Relaxation is definitely there. Sleep is hard to come by sometimes. Nutrition I will have to work on, now that I'm living by myself.

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