Explore college fundamentals

Watch our animation, The Great College Mystery, and get answers to your questions about money and college.

Watch the The Great College Mystery

Let the e-Kids answer some of the questions you may have about college in this easy-to-follow animation hosted by the expert, Dr. Ed.

What is The Great College Mystery?

The purpose of this animation is to show you that middle school is a great time to start planning Dr. Ed for your future college education.

The e-Kids and Dr. Ed talk about some of the questions that you may have about college. How do people pay for college? What is financial aid? What can I do to get started now? You can find the answers in The Great College Mystery.

The Great College Mystery animation was produced by TG, Adventures In Education, and the Council for the Management of Educational Finance.

Would you like a free copy?

If you enjoyed the The Great College Mystery animation, let your classmates and friends know about it. If you like, you can save a Windows or Macintosh copy of the animation to your computer or a disk to watch again later.

Want more?

Do you think that your class would enjoy finding out more about getting ready for college? Why not ask your teacher about ordering copies of The Great College Mystery brochure to share with the rest of your class? The brochure is available in both English and in Spanish. Adventures In Education offers these brochures and other printed materials to teachers for free!
Printed Brochure

Get Adobe Flash Player The Great College Mystery requires the Flash Player. If you do not have Flash Player on your computer, you can get it for free from Adobe.

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